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March 18, 2015
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AeroVee Builder
/Owner Seminar Update

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Open to all interested individuals

The FSA is looking for Members and
Non-Members interested in attending an
AeroVee Engine Seminar at our hangar at the
Marion County/Dunnellon Airport (X35).

Our seminar has been postponed again due
to not enough people attending. It seems as
though several of those who have voiced
interest are out of state during this month.

As April is Sun-n-Fun time we will have to
move it to May time frame if we can find
enough interest. If you would like an informal
Free get together on the AeroVee just contact
me directly and I will meet your schedule at
the FSA hangar.

We will cover topics such as, can I build an
AeroVee ?, construction overview,  Plus
maintaining your AeroVee ( For both builders
and owners), and Trouble shooting just to
name a few.

Open to all interested individuals

The FSA is looking into holding a two day
Corvair 3.0 Engine assembly  seminar
sometime in mid 2015. The guest instructor
will be Dan Weseman of Performance Sport
Aviation LLC and Builder of the "Cleanex".

Dan will be instructing and assisting Mike
January in his Corvair 3.0 Engine Assembly.

The event will take place at the FSA Hangar A5
at the Marion County Airport
a list of nearby accommodations will be
provided in advance of the event.

It will be a great time to ask questions about
the Corvair engine and installation in the
Sonex line of aircraft and the Corvair engine in


Slots are very limited and will be on a first
come first serve basis.

Those who request a slot at this time will e
placed on the Seminar listing in the order
received. Upon scheduling a final date all
those on the list will e contacted in order and
asked if they still want to attend. If food will be
served at the hangar there will be a small fee.

Write the FSA at mike@floridasonex.com
with subject: Corvair Build
please give a phone number where we can
reach you